How My Wealth Locker Helps

The best part about My Wealth Locker is that you can get started in a few simple steps. Go ahead and create an account with us, subscribe to the basic wealth transfer plan, and you are set up to add your financial information and share your investments with family members.

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Secure Solutions for Managing Family Wealth Responsibly
  • To bring all your financial information at one place.
  • Make your wealth available to your heirs.
  • Flexible and secure document sharing options on Platform
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At My Wealth Locker, our motto is to provide just the right amount of features that are simple to understand and easy to use in a secure document repository.

Single Document Repository

One-stop solution to track and maintain all your investment repository.

Online Document Storage

Scan and upload important financial documents and associate them with your investments.

Sharing and Notification

Add your loved ones and decide what and how you want to share your investments with family members.

Secured Environment

We understand the sensitivity of your financial data, and that's why we use encryption to store it securely in the secure digital vault.

Why My Wealth Locker

All over the world, there are billions of dollars of unclaimed investments that do not reach the rightful and deserving beneficiaries after the owner is deceased.

Why do so many hard-working people miss out on submitting the claims? Evidence suggests there are multiple reasons why this happens.

Strategies to Protect Family Wealth to see how My Wealth Locker can help provide unclaimed investment solutions and peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

I have lost track of all my investments and assets

I am not sure if my beneficiaries are aware of their nomination

My life is busy and to-do list seems never ending

I avoid difficult conversations like "my final wishes" with my family

I delay taking control of my finances