Offering and Features

Protect Your Wealth for Future Generations is the topmost concern for each of us. To ensure the providing financial security to your heirs, we have made a lot of financial investments over the years, and our family might not be aware of all of them. This is where My Wealth Locker helps Protecting Your Wealth.

Get Strategies to Protect Family Wealth

Get peace of mind for you and your loved ones with My Wealth Locker. We provide a unique way to protect your wealth and allow you and your loved ones to access it and share your investments with family members.


We believe that "Less is More," and we wanted to include only the features that provide our subscribers with the most value of hard-earned family wealth. Scroll below to learn about the most important features for protecting your wealth.

Simple and Easy User Interface

We know that not everyone is tech savvy, and even if someone is, My Wealth Locker is designed to make things simple and easy for anyone to use in the least amount of time to use best apps for protecting your financial data that help you track investments and management.

Safely Share Your Investments with Family Members

You can add unlimited family members and share your investment information with them. Family members, on the other hand, will be able to login for free and view all the sensitive investment data that you have shared with them. Our web-based platform maintains a repository and will help you transfer your wealth to your loved ones.

Anytime Access

Since all of your sensitive investment data is securely stored on the cloud, you will be able to retrieve your financial information in real time when you need it most.

Adept Security Implementation

Our web-based platform uses reliable encryption techniques and efficient security measures to safeguard your data so that you don’t need to worry about losing sensitive financial information.

AD Free

Our mobile app and web-based platform are completely ad-free, and you will not be bugged by pesky ads popping around your screen that act as a major source of distraction. Visit the FAQ to understand how my wealth locker will help you secure your financial future.


At a very nominal fee, we help you protect your hard-earned wealth and secure your financial data, along with the future of your family. You can check the rate by selecting the country of your residence below.

USD 15 I year